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I hope that you enjoy your own personal tour of my accumulated aviation experience, learning and fun times. 

Thank you to all my family and you colleagues who have been part of this continuing journey.

You are most welcome to download and take away my gift of information and knowledge for private or non for profit use only.

Start by either clicking on the highlighted links below or on the LH side of this page and then use the menu on the right hand side of subsequent pages.

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T C's True Stories

30/05/2009  Website updated to reflect the popularity of "TC's True Stories"

08/10/2016  Website updated to reflect the popularity of "TC's True Stories"

08/06/2023  Website updated to reflect the popularity of "TC's True Stories"


Are you looking for a humorous smile or simply some quick snapshots from a helicopter pilot's life and adventures?

"T C's True Stories" give you an insight into the dry humour  as well as glimpses of the serious side needed to survive this exacting, unforgiving yet fulfilling career .

Follow the "Tony's Pages" on the left link bar on this or other pages.

Then use the links on the RH link Bar to find something you like


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Helicopter Information for Everyone

13/01/2008    Helicopter Ops pages re-aligned.


To access all helicopter specific info (includes "The TC Turn")

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30/05/2009    Shell Aviation -Tech Talk  updated.  





Valuable Hints and Tips from the experts to make you safer and reduce your direct operating costs.

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Shell Aviation Tech Talk
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