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For many, aviation is like a disease - once its in your blood you have it forever. This love of something very special often cannot be understood by others until the infection also strikes them. When it does, then watch out!

I enjoy nothing more than to sit in the company of another experienced aviator and watch the sunset with a large glass of red wine. I may not have had that other person's experiences, but I know that they can fly and that's enough.

This site is alive and exciting as it is constantly under updated. The long term objective is to build a large aviation info site to promote a safer industry.

The success or otherwise of any community is communication. As a member of the aviation community, you are most welcome to contribute to any part of this site. Simply click on the "contact us" button and you will be directed to our communication page. Please supply any info as a Word document or jpeg picture. If you wish to be personally acknowledged for your contribution, please advise and this will be included.

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Hot news! As requested by many - how to improve your chances if you looking at an unavoidable wire strike.  Learn how to do "The TC Turn!"

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Helicopter Notes and Tips and much more! Includes a 3 part Australian Helicopter Safety Video as well as many of Tc's articles he wrote for magazines and the AeroStar Australian R22 safety course

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The Robinson R22 in Australia 1980 - 1996


The R22 Chronicles  - The Australian Experience

During late 2003, many operators and pilots advised me, with some concern, that the time in service (finite) life on certain Robinson R22 Rotor Blades had been reduced from 2,200 hrs in service down to 1,500 hours in service. This was then  been rescinded and the 10 year in service rule applied.

The introduction of new stainless steel skinned blades has meant the occasional problem with delamination of the skin - particularly emanating from the tip area.

Pilots should be aware that the extreme drag which arises from a delamination on the blade tip may be too much for the available engine power (even with full down pitch)- leading to serious low Rotor RPM. Pre-flight tap tests of these blades is a method of determining if delamination is occurring.

Robinson Helicopters are great little machines, however, there have also been operator induced problems. We need to learn from history so as not to repeat those same mistakes:

I have decided to tell all regarding my knowledge of the history and often flagrant abuse of the Robinson R22 in Australia, including the attitude of companies, operators, pilots, engineers, BASI, prominent CFI's, CASA and even Federal politicians. Many of these people have gone out of their way to denigrate my Robinson Safety message over the years as I and others have tried to emphasis the importance of flying and maintaining the R22 as per it's certified design parameters.

With a unique history of R22 Main Rotor Blade failure, Australia had an infamous reputation that needed to be rectified.

This web site will be updated as required with additional info as the story unfolds. I invite any investigative journalist to inspect the documents in my possession should they wish to verify my statements.

In no way do I point the finger at reputable persons. I would ask that they, as professionals, understand that their industry will be a better, safer, profitable and more professional place for them to operate in once this story is aired. The public will have increased confidence in the R22 and industry when unscrupulous operators are cleared from the skies.

For those of you who are learning to fly, please read, absorb and learn from what has happened in the past. Armed with the knowledge I have given you on these pages, you too will enjoy a safe environment over many thousands of flight hours in this great and unique industry.

Click here for the R22 Chronicles.

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