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TC’s practical “logical scan” B47G start-up procedure to suit the turbo charged B47G 3B1 and Kawasaki KH4:

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Seated in the Cockpit: seat belt(s) secure, relaxed, ready to start

Loosen frictions

Check all controls full and free.  Don’t only move the cyclic in a circular motion – move it full forward and then full rear followed by full left and then full right. This gives you a “feel” of each servo’s travel in each direction.

Re Tighten all frictions. Take care not to over-tighten the collective friction as you may easily strip the thread on the friction retaining nut.

Fuel valveon.

Mixture  - full rich.

CARB heat - cold.

Circuit breakers - in (include starter – check boost pump. Leave landing lamp off for day VFR)

Master switch and generator switch - on.

Magneto switch: check - off.

Check all gauges for normality.  R.P.M. on zero (both needles together) other gauges as required (check temps against OAT if 1st start of day)

Check Main Rotor blades are untied and @ 11 o’clock position

Recheck harness, headset, doors, passenger

Call “clear to start?”  (do not prime if hot engine)

1st start of day cold engine - lift collective up 50% up - open throttle fully and shut – 3 times – then:

Collective down Check throttle fully closed and then to start dentent. This stops you getting a quick start and burning your clutch or breaking the top piston rings due to thermal shock if the throttle cam box is worn or rigged wrong and the throttle is past the detent for the start.

Push start button – count 3 compressions – then:

Turn magneto switch to "both".


As engine starts, immediately check that the oil pressure is rising thru 30 Psi  and engine revs maintain 1700  and check rotor revs climbing.

As the main rotor revs hit 1500, close the throttle – marry the tacho needles and then throttle to maintain 1750 ERPM until the cylinder head temp goes through 50 degrees (about 90 seconds with a cold engine). 

Then slowly bring ERPM up to 2400 normal idle to ensure positive clutch engagement and turbo spinning.

Avionics - on.


Warm up is a minimum of 5 minutes from engine start at any start engine temperature to stabilise turbo operating temp.

After min 5 Minutes warm up  - Slowly take ERPM. to 3100


System integrity checks after the 5 minutes engine warm up from engine start:

Use the following method to ensure engine & transmission o.k. (lubed plus warm) before take off:

          (Touch all gauges with a finger to confirm what your eyes are seeing)

Check tacho needles for any clutch slip.

Check mags Left & Right then back to Both. Do NOT switch to Off  at this RPM for any reason except an emergency stop!

If you accidently switch to OFF - wait  at least 30 seconds before next attempt to start as any sudden shock loads can damage the main transmission shear bolts

Check M.A.P. for flat pitch figure @ 3100 ERPM - do this at every start as an engine/system health check.

Check oil pressure in the green.

Check fuel pressure.

Check engine and transmission oil temps.

Turn hydraulics off – motor power cylinders fore and aft, left and right etc.  (check each cylinder operation both ways rather than stir stick!)

Slowly close the throttle at a rate which splits the needles to check that the Sprague clutch is working as indicated by a tacho needle split. Snapping the throttle shut can be detrimental to the crankshaft

Idle at 2400 ERPM – then pre take off checks. Remember to check Hydraulics ON


Engine Stop procedure: (at any time except emergencies)

Idle for 5 mins (MIN) to reduce oil temps and stabilise turbo core temps ( less than 5 mins causes the turbo scroll/casting to warp increasing clearances which allow gases to escape giving poor turbo performance.

Smoothly roll the throttle fully shut

As ERPM decays through 2100 – turn the magneto switch to OFF slowly to check each mag for a dead cut or rough running.


Safe flying







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