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Hiller UH12E

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The Hiller 12E was the brain child of helicopter pioneer Stanley Hiller Jr, who flew his  first machine - a co-axial configuration - the x-235 in 1944.

The Hiller Raven, Hiller Aviation or Fairchild Hiller UH12E series are one of the longest running production piston helicopters in the world. They have been in production since 1959 with limited numbers built in later years. Once the US Army basic training helicopter, they currently still  do a great job in the AG industry.

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Hiller UH12E Pilot notes
Hiller UH12E airframe
Hiller UH12E engine
Hiller UH12E rotors
Hiller UH12E transmission
Hiller UH12E mainteance
Hiller UH12E accidents



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