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TC's passion is helicopters and he has been involved with them for many years.

Here are just some of his qualifications:


A seriously high amount of accident free Pilot in Command time.


Rated on piston and turbines - experienced on many different types


Held positions as Company Director, Operations Manager, Chief Flight Instructor, Chief Pilot, Test Pilot, Ag Pilot Instructor, specialist in low level emergency training and remote area ops etc.


Licensed aircraft Maintenance engineer, rated to sign off many types of airframes and engines, Chief Engineer, Major heavy component overhauls, Non destructive testing

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READ the following first :


Purpose: I have a picture over my desk of a WW1 biplane crashed into the top branches of a large tree.  The caption reads: 'Aviation in itself is not inherently dangerous.  But to an even greater degree than the sea, it is terribly unforgiving of any carelessness, incapacity or neglect.'

Most of us have seen the above picture, but for those of you who haven't, please reflect the statement for a few minutes.

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DA                             Density Altitude    (Above sea level)

PA                             Pressure Altitude   (Above sea level)

MAP                           Manifold Pressure 

OAT                           Outside Air Temperature (measured in degrees Centigrade)




Australia: The local conditions in some areas can vary from 0C to +45C, 90% humidity in the Northern tropics (even at 500km from the coast!) with the DA approaching 7000 ft at 2000 ft PA. Combining this with the red highly erosive gritty dust that covers the ground gives the pilot of any Helicopter an environment which requires good training and skills, especially operating at low level.

 New Zealand: Hundreds of thousands of years younger than its close Aussie neighbour, NZ consists of two main large islands with a much colder climate. It is ideally suited for turbo charged piston and turbine helicopter operations because its mountainous terrain (up to 12,000 ft) and lush vegetation in high rain fall areas reduce the number of areas suitable for fixed wing landing strips. As in Australia, the pilot requires good training and skills to operate in what usually is a daily high DA working environment.

Global: You are invited to submit any reasonable information to improve or ad knowledge to the contents of this service full credit will be acknowledged if requested.

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